"Humanist folk music drawing influence from oriental, African, Latin American music genres, but also from Chris Coen and Little Wings” - Longueurs d’ondes

"A sonic chameleon, huddled against a woody guitar with silky strings, set out on a journey to discover Milos’s shimmering musical universe” - Glob Audio Mastering

"Awakening delivers a universal message without proselytising. This refusal of the illusory and sterile essence of human thought is magnificently depicted with simple poetry. The

revelation of an absolute sincerity. Explore this kaleidoscopic landscape with your ears. We listen to the world as a gigantic musical composition” - Hear No Evil

"You can also feel the love for wide-open spaces as those conveyed by Beirut or Calexico” - Pop News

"So often, the expression “world music” is used inappropriately, while Milos Unplugged gives it its deepest and truest meaning. World like a genre that finds its roots all around the world, from arid indie rock music to wild African rhythms and Latin American folk reminders" - 33 Tours

"Serving an orchestrated, colourful, slightly americanised anti-folk, with references such as Smog, Sufjan Stevens and more broadly the whole of the new American folk scene" - Indietronica

"Milos, with his usually head and high-pitched voice, sometimes reminds us of Adam Duritz (Counting Crows) or, at times, Jeff Buckley during quiet breaths… This is particularly true in Palace Brothers’ 1st pioneering LP, for its rough dynamic and its yelling chorus… This rough production is wonderfully authentic: the slightest sound made by the snare drum resonates like a biblical statement" - The Hypertextual



Sometimes, only about pure chance and the urge to listen good Music, it`s so nice and pleasant that we can discover a great band or Musician and it´s still more surprising when we notice he is coming from our native country doing Music, outside his hometown, with an exceptional and professional production.
As a consecuence of this charming encounter it´s important and necessary to let him being know more, reaching out and sharing his Music with many friends and people, to get touched with his Art and the magic and beauty he creates with his compositions.

The name of this special and lovely troubadour is MILOS ARES ASIAN TERAN, the frontman and main head behind the MILOS UNPLUGGED band. Milos born in Perú and he moved to France when he was 8 years old only. Then, at the age of 10, he
established in Qatar until 1999, returning again to the city of Bordeaux, France to develop his awesome project MILOS UNPLUGGED and starting a new adventure.

MILOS UNPLUGGED´s Music is as rich as provocative, tender and passionate, full of textures and sounds very orchestrated and using many instruments thanks to all the six members of the band, a large number that also functions as a Musical collective. His influences appeared naturally with the experience of living in Qatar
and, since there, born his passion for Arabic Music. Also we can find Psychedelia, Tribal Music, Latin Music, Free-Jazz, Bossa Nova, Neo-Progressive, Barroque sounds and Indie Music. Big references to understand his world can be DEAD CAN DANCE, PINK FLOYD, 

About the discography, the debut album by MILOS UNPLUGGED was titled "The Distance Between Us" (2006), then the evolution came with his second release "The Mountain People Of The Desert" (2008) and the outstanding EP "Milos And The Broken Arrow" 
(2012). Finally he recorded "Awakening" (2015), his most accessible and incredible record to date. The great opener is "Sultan" with an Arabic and Celtic flavour to reach the first notes of "Loneliness", a Folky and touchy ballad and "God Spell", in the same way, but more optimistic.

Things change with the Psychedelic "Dig", the tribal and happy "Lorita", the Indie-Rock beauty of "You´ll Be A Man" and "Jungle". We continue with "Wall Of Shame" a Free-Jazz and Bossa Nova tune, great. "Compassion" is a cut full of joy and tenderness, next comes maybe one of the best moments of the album, the exquisite and introspective "The Ending", the main song and chosen for this new article to show how far Milos can go. The last song is "Crashed", with a Folky and a fantastic acoustic treatment.

"The Ending" caused me a great impact for displaying a new side of MILOS UNPLUGGED, powerful, intimate, melancholic, nostalgic, Experimental and a good example of Neo-psychedelia. Also
so beautiful and lovely with many arrangements mixed with the fantastic Milos´voice. The frontman surrenders completely to this song transforming it in a wonderful theme full of well-crafted and awesome soundscapes so we can noticed all his heart and soul on it. What a brilliant song, really impressive and emotional !!!. He will perform soon in a festival in Spain, great for him and his band.

Let´s feel the intensity of this amazing song "The Ending" in an exclusive live version...hope you love it so much, thank you my friends !!!...